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Who Makes OptiLight Roof Windows?

by Optilight

Optilight is a relatively new brand that gained great recognition on both the European and the UK window market. Roof windows of this particular brand are made by KRONmat, a Polish window company with a lot of experience, that strives to offer a range of high quality product at an affordable price.

The brand OptiLight is already established on the roof window market and known for being reliable, durable and modern. To produce those roof windows, KRONmat uses advanced technology of woodworking and preparation of raw materials. Optilight roof windows have an industrial design of the metal cladding parts, which results in a modern and attractive look. The producer is also recognized for the quality control at every stage of the production process as well as quality tests carried out by independent laboratories to guarantee the highest-quality possible for their clients.

Roof windows from the Optilight collection are synonymous with high production standards, appropriate materials and quality control, which allow the brand to offer durable and affordable products.


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