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Center pivot or top hung window

by Optilight

Whether you’re replacing your old ones or moving into a new home, choosing the right window type can be difficult. This is due to the variety of designs and opening styles. However, windows are an integral part of the home. They help to provide lighting, ventilation and breathtaking views. The major roof window types are centre pivot, and top hung openings. This article focuses on helping you choose the perfect window for your home.

Centre pivot roof windows open inwards, balancing the sash in the frame’s centre. When open, half of the sash is indoors while the other half is outside. This type of window provides an excellent and unhindered view when standing or seating. Top hung or awning windows open outwards, with the entire sash being outdoors when open. Homeowners often use the awning window due to its panoramic views and simple bottom handle. Both roof windows are ideal for ventilation and illumination, as the major determinant is positioning.

Centre Pivot VS Top Hung Windows

Asides from the opening methods and views, other factors that should be considered when deciding what window type to purchase are:

Natural Daylight:

This is the degree of lighting and fresh air you want to allow into your home. Generally, the higher the position of a roof window, the more illumination it provides. However, awning windows are usually placed at eye level, while centre pivot installations are more common in out-of-reach spots. Ideally, either window type of a similar spec will give the same results in the same position.

Open And Close Mechanism

You should also consider what opening and closing mechanism you want your windows to have. This may vary from remote-controlled triggers to manual or loft openings. You may also use control pads for windows that are out of reach.


Top hung roof windows provide better views and scenery when compared to centre pivot windows. This is because they open outwards, without any obstruction to eyesights. Centre pivots, on the other hand, don’t provide similar views.

Cleaning Methods:

When choosing a roof window, you should also consider the ease of cleaning it. Centre pivot roof windows are easier to clean as they have an inbuilt rotating function. Velux top hung windows also come with this feature, but it’s mostly included in the former. You should consider Velux window frames with white polyurethane for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Egress Safety:

The egress safety is mostly applicable to awning windows as they open 90 degrees, providing a ready escape during fire emergencies. Centre pivots fail in this regard but remain viable if you have a stairwell. Nonetheless, top window manufacturers use a fire-resistant coating to ensure your windows remain a means of escape in such situations.

Financial Costs:

Centre pivots are the cheaper roof window option, regardless of what brand you’re buying. Velux hung windows are heavily prized due to their egress and scenery benefits. It is also cheaper to install centre pivots if you’re looking to cover a large home area.


Glazing provides additional benefits to your roof windows. These additions include noise reduction, heat insulation and extra protection against water. Glazed windows also increase the durability and performance of your windows.

The Finishing:

Your windows should feature blinds and shutters for a wholesome finish. Blinds not only beautify the home but help with insulation and heat control.

These factors should be considered in unison to achieve the best reults.

Which Should You Purchase?

Deciding which of the windows to buy generally depends on what you are looking for. Are you particular about scenery and aesthetics, or does lighting come first? If scenery takes centre stage, awning windows are the way to go. They are easy to install and offer unrivalled views for long distances.

On the other hand, if equitable and environmentally friendly lighting is your preference, centre pivots are the way forward. This is because they are cheaper and can be placed higher up on the roof. Each window type has its own benefits and you may also choose to combine them for best results.


In conclusion, you should pick the window type that suits your home’s needs. This choice usually depends on your energy and lighting needs, as well as comfortability. Awning windows are usually used for areas with an easy reach, with centre pivots used for out-of-reach spaces.