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OptiLight Roof Window Fitting Instructions

by Optilight

In recent years, Optilight roof windows have gained great recognition among experienced installers who value reliability and the simplicity of installation.

We would always recommend contacting an installer to fit a roof window, however, if you’re  confident enough to do it yourself, make sure to follow the following steps.

  1. First mark the approximate position required for your new roof window to gain access to the tile or slate roof covering. 
  2. Remove the first tile or slate by lifting and pulling it back between the battens.
  3. Once you have a suitable opening for access, cut the battens close to the side of the rafters.
  4. Insert the lower and top trimmer and nail securely.
  5. Take the roof window sash out of its frame and hold it firmly with the black arms out of the way and lift it from the pivot slots.
  6. Insert a metal dowel bracket in each of the four corner holes in the frame.
  7. Lift the roof window frame into the roof opening and drill or nail through a slot in each bracket.
  8. Once the window frame is firmly located in position, complete the weatherproofing of your roof window.
  9. Refit the sash and top sash cover.
  10. Locate the window in its place by holding and adjusting it so that the two pivot mechanisms slide into the channel slot on the frame.
  11. Reattach the top sash cover.
  12. Check everything is secure before releasing your roof window.

You have successfully fitted an Optilight Roof Window!

If you are looking for more specific information, click here to download our detailed guides regarding windows in our offer.