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Top Hung Escape Access Windows

by Optilight

There are many types of windows on the market, and today, thanks to online stores, you can get almost any window delivered to you in a matter of weeks if not days. But despite these many options and choices, there’s one type of window that remains popular with a large number of homeowners and aspiring homeowners, and this is the Optilight Top Hung Escape Access Windows.



Top hung window designs have been popular for ages, and they’re really common in most of the world. They’re time-tested and familiar, and they’re so popular because they have some great characteristics:

  • It is extremely easy to open and operate top-hung windows, and their opening mechanism is reliable, which ensures the window has a long shelf-life.
  • It is very easy to control the amount of ventilation your room gets with top-hung windows.
  • Being able to open fully, they’re a  great way to access your roof from the interior of your home.

All of these are advantages most top-hung windows have, but Optilight goes above and beyond to ensure its top-hung windows stand out from all the rest. They’re high-quality, manufactured according to the best world-leading standards, and come at a really good price. Check out our listings below and decide for yourself.

buy online price from £175

Optilight Top Hung Skylight – Roof window

Price from £83

Optistep Loft Ladder & Hatch

Price from £71

Optilook Roof Access Window

buy online price from £175

Optilight Top Hung (Skylight – Roof window) 78×98

buy online price from £188

Optilight Top Hung (Skylight – Roof window) 78×118

buy online price from £196

Optilight Top Hung (Skylight – Roof window) 78×140


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