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Is there a rule that nice roof windows cost a lot of money?

by Optilight

In Europe, the roof window market is separated into two categories: Economic and Premium. FAKRO, VELUX, and Roto are well-established and experienced players who cater to the world’s wealthiest individuals. These businesses provide modern, well-insulated windows as well as a large selection of window accessories. Basic windows are also available from each industry giant, but they are not the cheapest on the market.

Is there a rule that nice roof windows cost a lot of money? It is denied by the OptiLight brand!

Leaders began selling windows through affiliates and under a separate name to supply ordinary items while keeping the brand’s distinction. As a result, the Attera Group, to which VELUX belongs, sells its cheapest products under RoofLite, Balio, DAKEA, and other brands.

First, a firm with many years of expertise in the European market behind the OptiLight roof window brand. It was developed to provide roof windows and roof window accessories at a competitive price while retaining the standards of leading competitors. It is worth analyzing their product line and explaining why becoming interested in this brand and investing in its products is beneficial.

When it comes to expanding the roof window market, the engineers who work on these items have yet to say anything. KRONmat demonstrates that we can make a product as good as the brands mentioned above, FAKRO, Roto, or VELUX, at a lower cost. A little-known company teaches quality and product care rather than product marketing.
OptiLight windows are less expensive, but not at the expense of the materials from which they are constructed or a warranty covering ten years from the date of purchase.

“How is it possible that their windows are less expensive than others while maintaining great quality?” someone might wonder. The answer should be found in the manufacturer’s business expectations. The corporation does not invest heavily in obnoxious and expensive marketing. On the covers of their catalogues, you won’t find any sports stars, but rather product details. The business does not spend on large-scale broadcast or Internet advertising initiatives. The funding is mainly allocated to product development, and low promotion costs prevent them from “artificially” raising window prices.
It’s also worth noting that KRONmat’s windows do not have an extensive distribution network. Only by working with large, well-known distributors can get you significant publicity and consistent development. Furthermore, most FAKRO window accessories are compatible with OptiLight products.

OptiLight B
A good roof window for a reasonable price. We’d like to show you the first window from the KRONmat collection — it’s inexpensive and practical, to put it that way. External toughened glass on a wooden window with a double-glazed unit (4mm). Customers love this window because it’s one of the most popular from this company. The product has been market-tested, is beautifully varnished, and is available at extremely attractive pricing. OptiLight B roof windows can be installed in roofs with an inclination angle of 15° to 90°, thanks to appropriate window construction and sealing flanges. This opens up a lot of possibilities and opens up many applications and the ability to respond to the most demanding clients’ requests.
The illumination in a room is improved by having a wide effective glazing area. Roof windows include a single-chamber glazing unit with a thickness of 24 mm, which provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. The heat transmission coefficient for the window in the case of OptiLight B is Uw = 1.3W / m2K. The area between the panes is filled with noble gas, with a low-emission layer reflecting heat rays on the inner pane. The fact that the outer glass is tempered is a significant benefit.

Roof windows come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and are compatible with various KRONmat accessories, including the world’s first record-breaking roof window marquise, which dramatically reduces attic temperature and window heating.

OptiLight VB is an attic air vent that makes life easier. The OptiLight VB roof window, on the other hand, is an expanded version of the OptiLight B with a functional and efficient air vent set in a wooden frame. It is worth noting that the effectiveness of such a diffuser can reach 20 [m3 / h]. The amount of air that will flow into the room through a 78 or 114 cm wide window with a pressure difference of 10 Pa should be understood. It’s also worth noting that windows with a width of 78 cm or more have two holes in the vent bar. Because there is only one opening in the vent bar, the vent capacity for roof windows 55 and 66 cm wide will be proportionately smaller, reaching 15 [m3 / h].
Additionally, this sort of window is available in an exceedingly attractive OptiLight VB-W model consistently painted white.
OptiLight VK along with a VB air vent.

OptiLight VK provides a 360-degree vision that will make your neighbors jealous.

It is a firm that also has stunning and unique panoramic windows in its portfolio. The OptiLight VK is a top hatch window with a tilt-and-turn mechanism. This sort of window is constructed of pine wood that has been coated and polished. The hinges allow the sash to open to a 45-degree angle, allowing easy access to the open window. The available sash also provides an extensive view of the outside and access to the roof for maintenance and other purposes. The window has an air vent in the upper section of the frame that may be adjusted smoothly by hand. With a closed window, it can give up to 19m3/h of fresh air (at a pressure differential of 10Pa).

OptiLight VK top hanging windows can be combined with OptiLight VB pivot windows due to their design and appearance from the room’s interior. It’s worth mentioning that we employed universal flashing in both of these windows, which ensures that the windows seem uniform from the outside. The benefits of such a combination include improved interior lighting, functionality, and the ability to clean the top-hung window’s outer glass easily.
Even when the window is closed, the OptiLight VK top hanging roof window features an adjustable air vent integrated into the upper half of the frame, allowing fresh air to flow in.

OptiLight TLP PVC
For consumers who prefer plastic windows, the OptiLight brand provides both wooden and plastic windows. In reality, two window models have been produced by KRONmat specialists. OptiLight TLP is the first.
The window is constructed from high-quality PVC profiles with a steel core. The product is double-glazed and does not have an air vent, although it does have a micro-vent option. The roof window’s structure is durable and constructed of plastic, reducing maintenance to a bare minimum. The substance used in the product does not absorb moisture. The OptiLight TLP roof window was created with higher air humidity in mind (kitchens, bathrooms, bathing rooms, laundries). A tilt and turn window is the OptiLight TLP. The advantage of such a structure is that the outer surface of the glass may be cleaned easily and safely. The window sash rotates 180 degrees and has a latch that may be locked for cleaning.

OptiLight TERMO TLP-U4
Because the company prioritizes ergonomics and energy efficiency, its most advanced model is a triple-glazed window. The window has exceptional thermal qualities due to its innovative structure, which translates immediately into savings. Why? Because the OptiLight TERMO TLP-U4 model is a sealed “warm” window, which is the best of our selection, it prevents heat from escaping the room… and thus money from your pocket on heating expenses.

The double-glazed unit in the TLP-U4 Termo model was replaced with a triple-glazed unit with an Ug = 0.7 W / m2K ratio, resulting in one of the best heat transfer ratios for the whole window in this price range of 1.1 W / m2K. It already satisfies the technical requirements for roof windows in 2021.

The use of an in-built vent is a significant advantage of the OptiLight TLP-U4 Termo window over its predecessor. It enables us to achieve the finest window quality while keeping the practicality of its use in mind: we get a triple-glazed package, the best Uw ratio, aesthetics, and a ventilation system with an air vent.

The PVC OptiLight TLP-VU4 Termo window, which comes with an energy-saving triple glazing package, is currently one of the most cost-effective roof windows on the market. It also ensures a high level of quality and a favourable equipment-to-price ratio. It is, without question, the best window in this company’s complete inventory.